Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers. Here are the most frequently asked questions I get. Take a minute to read through them, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any more!

What is your turnaround time?

The turnaround time depends entirely on how much I shoot, how busy I am, my travel schedule, the holidays, and the nature of the project. Typically, paid sessions take anywhere from 2-8 weeks, which may include delivery delays because of my travel schedule and workload. Option to pay for same day urgent delivery (within 48 hours) is available, please inquire before shoot. I try to aim to get work back to you as soon as possible, while prioritizing time to each and every image/video detail for all of my clients.

*Unpaid Collabs/Test Shoots can take anywhere from 2-12 weeks depending on my existing workload. These shoots will always be in queue after paid work.

Do you give Raw Unedited work?

Unfortunately I do not include or offer raw assets in my services. As, they are unfinished and not be suitable for print, digital use or promotional usage. I believe the raw images taken on my camera are mere undeveloped blueprints. They are only in the beginning process of being done. The artistry continues in editing and is what makes my art come to life. Asking for raw unedited work is the equivalent of going to a restaurant and ordering raw, uncooked ingredients.

How much do you charge for shoots?

My rates are divided into three groups, personal, small business & commercial. You can view them here, VIEW RATES.

Personal shoots are merely for yourself and cannot be used for marketing or business purposes.

Small Business & Commercial rates are strictly for businesses using content for marketing purposes only (social channels, print, licensing, etc). In layman's terms, any photo or video content used in order to advertise/profit for your business is consider commercial usage.

How do I officially book?

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer and agree to my terms with a signed contract. Then the remaining 50% is due before our official shoot date. To make it affordable, you can split payments (up to 3 payments). I'll gladly work with your schedule. Just to add, no work is released until all payments have been made.

*Unsigned Contracts and unpaid Invoices result in no content delivered until both are taken care of.